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Our kittens are released to their new homes at between 12 and 16 weeks of age. Persians mature slower than other kittens. We allow our kittens to be breast fed and stay with their mothers and littermates for as long as possible so they can grow confident, happy, playful and independent and socialize with other cats and people. They will also learn more quickly how to use the litter box and scratching posts. Breastfeeding ensures that the kittens develop a strong immune system. 

 The kittens leave for their new homes de-wormed and vaccinated (first three or four vaccines). They are fed top quality food and receive the best veterinary care. 

Pet or breeder kittens are neutered or spayed prior to leaving us or released with a “not for breeding” restriction so their new owners can have them neutered or spayed at an older age. In such case, the new owners will receive the registration papers for their kittens when proof of spay or neuter is provided.

 We want only the most loving, responsible and caring homes for our kittens.

We welcome people who love animals and want to fight against animal abuse, neglect and imprisonment.

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