Our Home

Regarding our homes there are some aspects that are fundamental so that we have our cats healthy and protected:

Safety – Cats are innocent and curious . So , if the cats are able to leave them walking on the street. It is the responsibility of the owner to take care of the cat and not allow it access to the street . Ideally walls should be higher and the doors and gates must be kept closed to not allow them to flee .

Pools are a risk for drowning . In our house the pool has a small beach shallow so that, if from accidentally falling into the pool, able to easily get out without drowning.

Windows and stairs must have network protection to prevent falls that are fatal in most cases. Plants and existing plants can not be the poisonous kind. Living with big dogs can be very risky!

Hygiene – The floors and walls are ceramic and dishwasher safe to allow a perfect cleaning and sterilization of the environments where they live with us . Access to areas of gardens is only for sightseeing and fun weekend for environmental enrichment.

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