Who we are.

We love cats of any kind: purebred, mixed-breed or no breed at all! We are also crazy about tigers, lions and leopards.

Felines are unlikely magic and mysterious creatures. Unfortunately, we are unable to keep and provide care for cats of all kinds, so we have chosen to breed Persians and Himalayans.

We have always had a soft spot for cats, and since 2004, we have dedicated ourselves to raising Persians and Himalayans. We are very fortunate to have them around. 

We support worldwide initiatives to ensure that animals are not abused and left neglected on the streets.

Our cats are not treated as products. They are our babies and cared for with love and affection. Our cattery is not a pet shop. We do not offer our cats to just anyone who can afford to pay for them. We conduct interviews and try to place them in homes we feel are the best matches for both the kittens and the new adoptive families.

We raise healthy, sweet and loving kittens who keep us company daily and whenever we attend cat shows and exhibitions. We are committed to maintaining healthy blood lines according to international standards.

We have devoted our efforts to reinforce the genetic strength of the breed: affectionate and friendly nature, great personality, solid bone structure, strong cobby body, tiny ears and broad head, short nose (but not to snubbed), clearly defined color patterns, tick fur, and big, round, deep colored eyes.

We do not use inbreeding – the mating of closely related cats. All our outcross cats are DNA tested PKD negative and have a genetic ID card.

 Nonetheless, as responsible breeders, we put the well-being, health and freedom of our adorable kittens and cats above all considerations.

 Our kittens are raised as part of the family within our home, where we can enjoy their company and cheerfulness and benefit from a rich, intriguing and fulfilling experience. 

Our cats come to us from renowned catteries in the world like Whisperwood, Doubletake, D’ EdenLover, Parti Wai, Thueringen, Brigantina, Larix, which provide us the most remarkable blood lines from Oakheavens, De Miara, Suavere, Noblessa, Prancepaws, Von Teramis,  Pajeans, Suliko, Strelets, among others.

Love, devotion and respect for cats.

Ronaldo & Fernanda

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